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Many people come to Bowen in search of a place with a sense of “community.” But what is Community?

To us, community includes a place:

  • Where you know your neighbours;
  • Where people come together to help those in need, no matter what income level, age or social status;
  • Where strangers greet you with a smile on the street;
  • Where volunteer organizations, groups, and committees are abundant and significant contributors to the community;
  • Where people care about local issues (72.95% of eligible voters voted in the last municipal election);
  • Where festivals and events are intimate and not commercialized;
  • Where local businesses are owned and operated by locals who know their customers on a first-name basis.

You can become involved with Bowen’s community in many ways. One spin-off is a feeling of connection.

Bowfest parade (part of annual community festival)

Artists. Bowen Island has a large number of artists. In 2006 Bowen Island was ranked as the Canadian municipality with the fifth highest concentration of artists per capita for municipalities with less than 50,000 people! You can browse art galleries, and attend live theatre and concerts by many groups. We have a community choir and other singing groups.  Tir-na-nOg Theatre School and a community theatre group train our young people. The Bowen Island Arts Council (a.k.a The Hearth) coordinates artistic expression on this island — in 2018 the Arts Council celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Families. Bowen Island Family Place provides opportunities for young families to connect. Other programs include story-time at the public library, Mother Goose programs and a variety of spring-break, summer, and day camps run by Bowen Island Community Recreation.

Share your thespian and musical passion

Youth. The Bowen Island Youth Centre is a place where youth ages 12 to 18 can hang out. Scouts, Beavers & Cubs programs are run by Scouts Canada for both boys and girls. Bowen Island Community Recreation runs a variety of other youth programs.

Seniors. Seniors Keeping Young (SKY) hosts a weekly drop-in program with line-dancing, exercises, socializing, speakers and discussions. The Bowen Island Legion hosts Friday night dinners from June to September, put on by volunteer cooks and servers. The Bowen Island Seniors’ Housing Cooperative manages Bowen Court, an 18-unit housing cooperative within walking distance to Snug Cove. Snug Cove House Society plans to create a supportive living facility for seniors, and in the meantime assists seniors with meal options.

Religion and Spirituality. You can attend regular meetings of Christian churches (Catholic, United Church, and Christian Brethren traditions), Unitarians, Quakers, Buddhist meditation sittings, and Jewish community celebrations. Bowen is also home to several retreat centers (including Rivendell Retreat Centre and Xenia Island Retreat and Nectar Yoga) and a summer camp for Christian Scientists.

United Church is one of several religious communities on Bowen

Community Foundation. The Bowen Island Community Foundation was established in 2001 “with the aim of building and managing endowment funds to support the artistic, cultural, educational, recreational and social well-being of residents on Bowen Island.” The Foundation “distributes the interest earned from the endowment funds back to Bowen Island to help build a more vibrant, sustainable community.”

Festivals and Events. Each year Bowen enjoys a number of festivals and events, including:

  • Bowfest (a community festival with a parade, games, rides, displays, entertainment, and lots of laughter);
  • Union Steamship Days (a multi-day event celebrating our past);
  • Canada Day (a community festival with games, music, face-painting and cake);
  • Dock Dance (a party on the dock in Snug Cove hosted by the volunteer firefighters);
  • Theater Under the Stars (watch a movie in Crippen Park hosted by our local bank, First Credit Union);
  • Dog Days of Summer (a popular dog event for every type of dog owner);
  • Halloween Fireworks (a popular display held each year at the Lagoon, hosted by the volunteer firefighters);
  • Remembrance Day (held at the cenotaph in Snug Cove and well attended by locals);
  • Christmas Craft Fair (a great place to get local crafts and lots of treats in time for Christmas);
  • Polar Bear Swim (held on January 1 at Bowen Bay Beach, a bonfire is included to warm the brave swimmers).
You can become involved with Bowen's community in many ways. One spin-off is a feeling of connection.

Take advantage of sports opportunities.

Sports Clubs: There are a variety of sports clubs including the Bowen Island Football (Soccer) Club, the popular men’s fastpitch league  (see this group’s Facebook page—you’ll need to login to Facebook to view the page), the Gymnastics Club whose students have placed well in B.C. tournaments, the Bowen Island Yacht Club, and the Bowen Island Golf Club.

Groups, Organizations, and Volunteer Opportunities. You can become a member of, or a volunteer for, a variety of groups or organizations, including: